Friday, Day 8

The final day of flying, the boys had to do well and came to airport with a little fog. It burned off quickly and soon the flying was to be completed.

Nationals 38
Nationals 39
Nationals 40
Nationals 41

The results from the final flight turned out well, the overall rankings were sure to be good.

Nationals 42
Nationals 43

The boys, Kevin and Tangie attended the banquet later that night where they picked up their individual medals for each flight and also some more hardware for overall placement. The "fun" trip turned into a REALLY fun trip!

Nationals 44
Nationals 45

Overall Results

Nationals 46
Nationals 47

The trip home

After a successful journey, the fivesome left Texas to arrive back in Florida the same 18 hrs later. Tired, tired of sandwiches, hamburgers, and Red Bull, each went their separate ways... until next year!

Nationals 48

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