Tuesday, Day 5

As the weather the night before had indicated the weather would be too poor for the majority of flying this day. Prior to driving out to the airport they found a nice little surprise in their car. This was going to be a full fledged prank war.

Nationals 27
Nationals 28

Wednesday, Day 6

Today the boys would be flying, another early start and finally got the first flight completed. During a quick nap break JJ & his disciples.

Nationals 29

With the first day of flying complete, the guys were less than impressed with their scores. Placing 6, 7, 8, and last it was quickly determined that this would be a trip just for fun...not for metal or wood. We were still happy to be there!

Nationals 30
Nationals 31

Thursday, Day 7

Nationals 32

Just another day as boundary judges :)

Nationals 33
Nationals 34

After a solid day of flying the boys were quite surprised with the success of their flight. Each moved up in the overall rankings as well. Maybe we had a shot :)

Nationals 35
Nationals 36

The hammer that ended the prank war...

Nationals 37

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