Sunday, Day 3 - Continued

While watching other airplanes, Ryan was approached by Ponso and Marty Flournoy asking whether or not he would be interested in flying in the Power Primary category. The sole pilot in that category needed another to make it a contest, having no Pitts time in nearly 5 months, Ryan thought nothing of it and agreed to compete (really just to have fun). Another pilot was added to make it a three man race.

Later that night, the boys decided joking with Kevin would be a good time and got the waitress at the steakhouse convinced it was his birthday, 73rd nonetheless. She yelled her loudest possible to let the entire restaurant know that Kevin had turned 73 years young. So it began.

Retaliating quickly, Kevin and Tangie had a baby crib delivered to the boys' room which happened to fit Rafael just perfectly.

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Monday, Day 4

On Monday, the boys were only scheduled for duty as volunteers and would be flying the following day.

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After they completed morning duty, it was time for a little pay back. Kevin and Tangie got a nice little surprise when they opened their hotel room door.

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The end of day 4 had some interesting weather.

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