Friday, Day 1 4PM

Following days (2) of hard practice (several flights for Rafael, 5 for Ryan, 2 for Andrea, 0 for Ponso) the first three departed Deland, Florida hours late (due to an oil change, advertising update, and Ponso working) enroute to Ocala, Florida.

Nationals 1

Picking up Kevin and Tangie Campbell at Leeward Air Ranch, the group of 5, in the midsize crew cab truck, started the arduous 18 hour journey (which began 2 hrs earlier for the first 3 people).

Along the way we saw the finest gas stations and enjoyed the close company of those who we would only get closer to.

Nationals 2
Nationals 3
Nationals 4

Day 1 turned into day 2 very quickly.

Saturday, Day 2

In the wee hours of day 2 a trend began to develop. Kevin and Tangie spoke often, Ryan slept frequently, and Andrea & Ponso played iPhone games. But we continued on.

Nationals 5

Around 12pm local time we finally arrived in Denison. We checked in and quickly made our way to the airport to assemble the glider and hopefully get a practice slot. Rafael joined us after his tiresome trip of 4 hours from Wichita, Kansas. Some of us were happier than others... but we were all excited to be there.

Nationals 6
Nationals 7

Glider assembled we sat and waited. And waited. While we waited, some of us decided to catch a little shuteye the best way imaginable.

Nationals 8

But today wasn't to be the day, there were no slots available and the crew disassembled the glider and headed home to find the comfort of two queen beds for 4 people.

Nationals 9

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